Overview – The archive is a static storage area where all interaction with social media is stored.  Only users who have the “Admin” role under settings/users are able to view the archive. Once information appears in the archive it cannot be removed manually.



Accessing Archive – Only users that have the “Admin” role enabled under settings/users are able to view and open the archive.  Simply click on the archive tab at the top of the screen to open it.

Archived Posts – Archives posts show in the main section of the screen along with details about the post.

Search / Filter –  The ability to filter by status is available in the status drop-down.  In addition a free form search is available by typing in the search box.

Advanced Search / Save Search / Report –  The ability to filter by virtually any item is available by performing an advanced search.  The results of the search can be displayed on the screen , exported to PDF or CSV.  In addition searches can be saved and rerun as reports at a later date.