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Account Settings

Overview – The account settings area is accessible VIA settings/account.  This area allows you to update your user name and password.  Simply type your desired user name and password to change your account.

account settings


Overview – The library is a storage where approved posts are maintained.   Only users who have the “Admin” or “Content Creator” roles under settings/users are able to view the Library.  Content creators can post content on the main screen and maintain it here in the library.


Accessing The Library – Only users that have the “Admin” or “Content Creator” roles enabled under settings/users are able to view and open the library.  Simply click on the library tab at the top of the screen to open it.

Creating New Content – Content is created on the the above screen or while creating any post by entering a post and selecting the content option.  Only users that have the “Admin” or “Content Creator” roles enabled under settings/users are able to select the content option.  Simply enter the desired content and upon approval it will appear in the library.  Note that the same approval process generally applies for content library items as normal posts.  

Subscription Content – When creating content select the subscription content checkbox to send this item to all who have subscribed to this category of content.


Edit Content – Simply click on the edit button next to the desired content in order to edit it.

Delete Content – Simply click on the delete button next to the desired content in order to delete it.


Overview – The archive is a static storage area where all interaction with social media is stored.  Only users who have the “Admin” role under settings/users are able to view the archive. Once information appears in the archive it cannot be removed manually.



Accessing Archive – Only users that have the “Admin” role enabled under settings/users are able to view and open the archive.  Simply click on the archive tab at the top of the screen to open it.

Archived Posts – Archives posts show in the main section of the screen along with details about the post.

Search / Filter –  The ability to filter by status is available in the status drop-down.  In addition a free form search is available by typing in the search box.

Advanced Search / Save Search / Report –  The ability to filter by virtually any item is available by performing an advanced search.  The results of the search can be displayed on the screen , exported to PDF or CSV.  In addition searches can be saved and rerun as reports at a later date.


Getting Started – First User

Overview – This section provides a simple 3 step process for setting up Social Smart and using it for the first time within your organization.  We will cover only the default setup in this area.

Before You Start- Register for Social Smart – Use this link to register for and Social Smart free trial and begin the process below if you have not done so already. The email address and password entered will be your Social Smart user name and password.  This login will be the administrative login for Social Smart with all rights to administer the system as well as create and approve social media content.

Step 1 – Login and Create Additional Users – After submitting this open the email sent by the Social Smart registration system to retrieve your URL. Simply click on the Social Smart URL and login using the user name and password you selected.  After logging click I agree if you agree with the terms and conditions of the software license agreement.

Create Additional Users – Upon registration a single administrative user was created automatically. Simply click on settings / users – then click on create to add an additional user.  Full details on creating users as well as an explanation of user roles can be found here.  

Step 2 – Set Rules – The rules control how posts get approved.  Click on settings/rules to modify the rules to function as you desire.

Option 1 – All posts require review – This is the default behavior and if you desire – just make sure the “All Posts Require Review” rule is enabled and the “Blacklist Word Requires Review” rule is disabled.

Option 2 – Blacklisted Words Require Review  – If you desire that posts containing the blacklisted words be manually approved simply disable the “All Posts Require Review” rule is enabled and enable the  “Blacklist Word Requires Review” rule. Note that the blacklisted words can be edited under Settings / BlackList.  Although we provide a sample blacklist it is your responsibility to validate and maintain the blacklisted words.

Step 3 – Add Social Media Accounts – From the stream or queue you can add Facebook., LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to your Social Smart login.  Note that ALL new users need to perform this step not only the admin user. See details below.

IMPORTANT – Make sure you are logged out of your social media accounts and popups are allowed from our server before you continue.  In order to logout open your social media account and click logout or open a private browser window on your computer.

Simply click on the appropriate icon on the left to login to a social media account from within Social Smart.  After logging in the social media accounts and icons will be listed on the left.


That’s It! – Start Posting – You are all set and you can begin posting to social media.  Just enter a post and select the social media accounts you desire to post to.

To Approve Posts – After a post that requires approval is entered an email will be sent to the approver designated for the user that entered the post with a link to the queue where posts are approved and rejected.  Simply approve and reject posts as desired from the queue.  Approved posts should appear on social media almost immediately.  Full details on approving posts can be found here.

Optional Content Library – Optionally you can also add pre-approved content and templates to make it easy for your users to quickly and easily interact with social media.  Full details on how to create content in the content library can be found here.


Queue / Post Approval

Overview – The queue is the area where posts that are being help for manual approval are stored.  Users can view their posts that are awaiting approval in this area and approvers can manually approve posts awaiting their approval.

queueApproval List – The list of items awaiting approval show in the center of the page.

Approve / Reject – If you are the designated approver for a particular posts you will have the option to approve or reject posts with the approve or reject buttons to the right of each post.

Reason – The reason for a particular post being help is shown under the show reason link.  Simply click on it to see why the post is held in the queue.