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Creating Subscription and Merged Content

Overview – Subscription content allows posting to multiple users social accounts simultaneously based on the content each user in your organization has subscribed to.


Category Setup – In order to use subscriptions you must first set up library categories to represent the topics your users will subscribe to.  This can be found in Settings/Keywords/Library.  Simply enter the categories you wish to have subscription content for.

Merge Field Setup – If you intend to use merge fields in conjunction with the subscription content then your merge fields need to be setup and the content must be populated for merging in each user record as follows.

Naming User (Merge) Fields – First you must establish names for your user defined fields that will be utilized for merging content on a user by user basis.  This can be done under settings/customization. Note that no spaces are allowed in the merge field labels. 

Enter Merge Details for Your Users – Simply enter the merge values you would like merged for each user by editing the users under settings/users. 







Entering Subscription Content – Once the prerequisites are in place subscription content can be entered in the library and optionally merged data can be used in conjunction with the subscription content as follows.

Create new content under Library/Create.  Then simply enter the desired content and select the content category desired.  If you desire to use merge fields simply select the appropriate field from the merge field dropdown and place your cursor where you would like the field inserted and click on the Insert Merge Field button to insert the field.  You will notice that the field is surrounded by “##” – do not edit the text inside the ## area.

Managing Subscription Users – Finally you can edit the subscription areas so that the content categories you desire can be pushed out to the appropriate users social accounts.  This can be done by navigating to Library/Subscriptions.  Then click on the edit icon for they user you would like to manage.  Finally just select the social accounts under the appropriate category to subscribe a user to a particular category.






Overview – The Research tab  is for setting up news feeds, web alerts and social searches about topics you are following.  You can then share the information with your social networks as you see fit.

research screen shot

There are three types of research items as follows:

News feeds – Select + Research and then choose news feed to add a feed by URL or to search the news feed directory and add a feed. research news feed

Alerts – Alerts are feeds that show information on topics you are interested anywhere on the internet.  You must login with a Google account in order to create an alert.  Then simply type in the text you would like and save it in order create alerts. research alerts

Social – Social feeds allow you to search and view social media for specific terms.  Click on +Search and enter a search term as well as a title category and visibility and social searches will appear on the left side of the screen.research social search