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WordPress Plugin

The Social Smart wordpress plugin allows you to send draft blog posts to iSocial Smart  where based on a workflow you define blog posts can be published upon approval and made available for the public to read on your wordpress site.  In addition iSocial Smart  can simultaneously send posts to multiple social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter upon approval including posting to Facebook and LinkedIn groups and company pages.

In order to install and activate the plugin please follow the instructions below.  Note that you must already have anSocial Smart  login in order to install the plugin.

  1. Download the plugin – either download the plugin from the the plugin library or download the plugin directly from or site here.  To install after manual download place the zip file in the WP-Plugins folder and unzip.
  2. Configure the Plugin – In WordPress open Settings/ iSocial Smart Settings and click activate plugin now.  Then enter the email address or user name of your Social Smart  login as well as yourSocial Smart  login credentials to complete the activation process.
  3. Enter WordPress Credentials – OpenSocial Smart  and go to Settings / WordPress – Enter the URL to your wordpress site as well as the Worpress admin user name and password.   Click save and you should see the Credentials successfully validated messages as depicted in the screen shot below.2014-06-10_14-57-21
  4. Create a Post –
    Once you activatedSocial Smart plugin, you’ll see an Social Smart section in the Publish box on your post writing screen each time you write a new post.
     When you publish your post as usual, you’ll see it show up on the services you’ve enabled. If you want to opt out from any of the services for a specific post, click the “Edit” link next to the Social Smart  as shown above. You can then uncheck whichever services you don’t want your post to appear on. You can also customize the message that introduces your post on your services.