Getting Started – Additional Users

Login – Open the email sent by the registration system or by your administrator to retrieve your URL, user name and password. Simply click on the URL and login using the user name and password that you have been assigned.  After logging click I agree if you agree with the terms and conditions of the software license agreement.login


Step 1 – Select time zone and language.  Simply select your time zone and language from the drop-downs.

Step 1

Step 2 – Add Social Media Accounts – From the stream or queue you can add Facebook., LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to your login.  See details below.

IMPORTANT – Make sure you are logged out of your social media accounts and popups are allowed from our server before you continue.  In order to logout open your social media account and click logout or open a private browser window on your computer.

Simply click on the appropriate icon to associate a social media account from within the system.  After logging in the social media accounts and icons will be listed on the right.

Step 2

Step 3 – Add Optional Research –  If you would like the solution to expose research items to you automatically then select your interest by clicking on them in step 3.step 3

Start Posting – You are all set and you can begin posting to social media.  Just enter a post and select the social media accounts you desire to post to.  You can also click on the book icon to select from the pre-approved content that your administrator has set up for you.  Timeline

To Approve Posts – After a post that requires approval is entered an email will be sent to your approver and it will show in your queue where posts are approved and rejected.  Your approver can simply approve and reject posts as desired from the queue.  Approved posts should appear on social media almost immediately.  Full details on approving posts can be found here.