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Forward thinking companies have embraced social media to stay in touch with their savvy fans. But as the use of social media expands and with the amount of money poured into corporate branding, how does a company protect itself from costly user mistakes and compliance issues? A company’s social feed can quickly turn from boasting to damage control, when the wrong message is released to the wrong audience. Here are a few blunders…

 American Red Cross - Employee Gloria Huang released a sobering tweet to 270,00 ARC followers by mistake - “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch beer…when we drink we do it right #gettngslizzerd.”

Sony - Employee Kevin Butler released PS3 jailbreak codes from the official Sony account when he “believed” the code were actually a reference to the game battleship - “Lemme guess… you sank my Battleship? RT @exiva: 46 DC EA D3 17 FE 45 D8 09 23 EB 97 E4 95 64 10 D4 CD B2 C2 Come at me, @TheKevinButler” 

VodafoneUK - An employee in the customer service dept. posts a homophobic tweet on Vodaphone’s official twitter page to over 70,000 followers – (I will not re-post this content)

Corporations need to protect their investment with a proactive compliance tool to:

  • Protect against intentional or unintentional negative content.
  • Interact with the major social networks from a single interface
  • Route content through the appropriate approval process for your specific situation.
  • Enable highly regulated companies to leverage social media in a compliant fashion.

Join our Social Media Protection, Archiving and Compliance Webinar

June 10th 2013 at 11am eastern as we look at the state of social media marketplace and how to protect your company and brand from social media disaster. Sign-up here



Webinar: FFIEC on Social Media and How to Use Software to Leverage Social Media based on the New FFIEC Guidance.

Webinar March 25

Recently the FFIEC provided final supervisory guidance on social media compliance.  Join our webinar HERE and learn about the guidance and how to use social media compliance software from Social Smart Software to help you comply with the FFIEC guidance.

We will review some of the key items from the recent guidance FFIEC guidance titled “Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance” issued on December 13th 2013. Including the excerpt below that seems to indicate prohibiting social media is not a solution and that this is an issue that institutions must deal with now!

a financial institution should have a risk management program that allows it to identify, measure, monitor, and control the risks related to social media…In accordance with its own risk assessment, a financial institution that has chosen not to use Social Media should still consider the potential for negative comments or complaints that may arise within the many social media platforms described above, and, when appropriate, evaluate what, if any, action it will take to monitor for such comments and/or respond to them.”  

CLICK HERE to download the entire FFIEC report.

The Webinar will also review how Social Smart Software can solve the compliance risks and challenges that your organization must address.

Please join us for an informative webinar as we highlight the final guidance from the FFIEC, its implications for your business and how our i-Comply solution can help your Financial Institution meet evolving regulatory responsibilities. Just CLICK HERE to sign up for this free webinar on March 25, 2014 at 2 pm ET (New York).


Webinar – Learn how to use software to archive and leverage social media in a compliant manner


Regulated companies typically are not using social media in a complaint manner.

Banks, Credit Unions and other regulated companies usage of social media can for the most part be represented by one of the two following scenarios.

  1. Non-Compliant Usage – This scenario is typically one where individual employees are using social media.  Despite the fact that the company may have strict guidelines for social media usage mistakes are often made.
  2. Non-Usage – Many companies have completely avoided social media for fear of regulatory issues.  But with the now widespread use of social media this approach is quickly becoming impractical.
  3. Manual Compliance – Still other companies have embraced social media in an official manner but are manually archiving and monitoring social media.  While these companies should be applauded for being thought leaders this approach is a risky proposition as errors can result in non-compliance.


The SEC, FINRA, NCUA and other regulatory agencies have issued guidance on social media usage.  The guidance makes using social media similar to advertising or general client communication from a regulatory perspective.  However most companies do not have systems in place to deal with this new communication medium.

We will be hosting this Social Smart Software webinar on Tuesday December 3rd at 11AM eastern and learn how i-Comply social media compliance software can help your company overcome these obstacles and leverage social media in a low risk compliant manner.

Sign-up here – or visit www.isocialsmart.com for more information.

Social Smart Software Recognized for IBM Award

Awards trophy

IBM recognized Social Smart Software for the creating a smarter workforce award.  The award is presented to a Business Partner who has leveraged social business technologies to build and/or deploy a social business solution or platform that helps organizations of all sizes to create a more effective workforce. Business Partners should make a compelling case that their customers are experiencing improved workforce productivity, and are changing the way people work, by using IBM social business capabilities including one or more of the following: IBM Intranet Experience Suite, IBM Connections Suite, IBM Notes and Domino, social networking, social analytics, or social content management. Preference was given to Business partners who provide documentation of significant measurable business results from a front-office business process perspective that can be derived from the use of these social capabilities.

The awards were announced at IBM connect in Orlando in January 2013.

For more information on Social Smart Software, LLC. please visit www.iSocialSmart.com

Social Smart Software Presenting at IBM Connect


IBM has selected i-Comply from Social Smart Software as a key solution.  John Carini CEO of Social Smart Software will be demonstrating i-Comply during a session that highlights the top IBM partner solutions at the IBM Connect event in Orlando on Monday January 28, 2012.

During the presentation john will demonstrate the i-Comply software and the various integration points into IBM technologies.  The session will have specific focus on integrations with IBM Social software solutions including IBM Connections 4 and IBM Notes Social Edition.  If you are at the event please join us Monday, 28/Jan 02:15 PM – 03:15 PM in the Disney World Dolphin Resort.


McKinsey Says Social Media Could Add $1.3 Trillion to the Economy

McKinsey analyses social media and determines it could add 1.3 trillion to the economy.  This stunning article highlights how social media is critical even for highly regulated companies.


Read more in the NY Times site here.

The NCAA is Watching for Social Media Issues

Young and sometimes socially inexperienced NCAA athletes need to be careful about what they post in social media.  This highlights the need for social media compliance applications even at the university level.

Read more here.


American Pie Actor Biggs Tweets into Trouble

Actor Jason Biggs gets into trouble by tweeting.

After years of cleaning up his image Mr. Biggs tweets in poor taste thus highlighting the need for social compliance applications.

Read more here.

Two athetes expelled from olympics for social media misuse

The 2012 Olympics had some great sporting highlights.

But for social media it highlighted the need for proactive social compliance solutions.

This great piece in the record delves into the problems of non compliant social media in the 2012 Olympics.  Please read more here.