Social Media Management Software

Social Media Management Software

Social Media Guard is our flagship social media management software that allows your organization to leverage social media to manage your brands in a low risk compliant manner based on the social media management software policies you set up for your organization.

Social Media Guard and i-Comply software is available for various industries and management situations including Pharma,  Financial ServicesGovernmentElected OfficialsActorsAthletes  as well as Colleges and Universities.  In addition you can tailor the solution for your specific brand using the highly configurable rules based engine.

Social Media Guard software is also convenient and easy to use.  The mobile and browser interfaces allow you to manage all your social media accounts  in a single place.  The multi-post feature allows you to post to Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook for in a compliant manner from a single interface.  All posts are fed through the completely configurable i-Comply manual or automatic approval process so you can feel confident that your brand is protected and posts are on brand before they reach the social networking sites.  In addition all content you create is managed based on rules you configure alert can be triggered to review content before it reaches the social media sites.

Unique Qualities of Social Media Guard

  • Proactive software that monitors prevents off brand and non compliant posts
  • Software that manages and protects your brand
  • Built for the enterprise
  • Extremely configurable software
  • Available for most industries
  • Easy to use
  • Works with your existing archiving solution
  • Available on premise or in the cloud

Key Features

  • Configurable management policies and key words can be set by you
  • Manages all your social profiles and brands in one place
  • Manual or automatic post monitoring and approval process
  • Mobile clients for iPhone or Android lets you post from anywhere
  • Built in archiving and retrieval
  • Black list allows you to easily block non-compliant and off brand posts