Social Media Parental Control

Social Media Guard for Social Media Parental Control

Young adults and children are increasingly using social media to communicate with their friends on a regular basis.  Twitter and Facebook have perhaps become the most popular communication mechanism for young adults.  However interacting with social media is not without risk and it seems that young adults are plagued on a daily basis by controversy and scandals of their own making through the use of social media.  Social Media Guard, our flagship social media parental control solution, allows young adults and children to safely and confidently interact with their friends knowing only appropriate posts are approved.

Social Media Guard is also convenient and easy to use.  The mobile and browser interfaces allow you to manage all your social media profiles in a single place.  The multi-post feature allows simultaneous posing to Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook from a single screen.  All posts are automatically fed through the completely configurable manual or automatic approval process so parents can be alerted of posts, and if they so desire can manually approve or reject posts.  Most importantly parents and children can feel confident that posts are okay  before they reach the social networking outlets.

Unique Qualities of Social Media Guard

  • Available for parents and children
  • Cloud based solution means little or no technical skill is required
  • Can prevent problematic posts before they happen
  • Extremely configurable
  • Tailored specifically for parental control.
  • Easy to use

Key Features

  • Parents can manually approve all posts
  • Black listed words can be automatically flagged for parental review
  • Mobile client lets you post from anywhere
  • Manages all your social profiles in one place
  • Manual or automatic post approval process


  • Bullying – Prevents cyber bullying
  • Public Perceptions – Improves public perceptions for prospective employers and universities
  • Parental Confidence – Parents have complete confidence in children’s social media activities