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“Don’t let a social media disaster happen to you!” (Healthcare industry focused webinar): 7/13/16

Please join us for a FREE 30 minute Healthcare focused Webinar: “Don’t let a social media disaster happen to you!” – hosted by Social Smart CEO, John Carini

When: July 13, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM EST

Social Media has risks:

-Are your employees already on social media?

-Do they have personal Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles?

-Do they post anything?

-Do you moderate?

-Do you archive?

-Do you think it can happen to you?

Each participant will receive a FREE “Social Media Policies and Procedures Template Document” to facilitate the implementation of social media within your organization in a low risk compliant manner.  This document in conjunction with a software based solution such as Social Smart is crucial for any highly regulated industry such as Healthcare & Hospitals. This document was created to protect your organization and developed by Social Smart’s Legal Counsel.

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Social Smart has been recognized by IBM for innovative social media products in the workplace winning prestigious IBM Beacon Awards and recognition in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Social Smart Case Study: Our customer Albany Medical Center, is an example of using Social Smart to their benefit when an escaped convict was treated at Albany Medical Center thus causing a viral social media event.  Details of the incident can be found here:

Social Smart was able to analyze the comments using natural language processing and immediately alerted the Medical Center of the issues related to this viral event on social media.  Social Smart also automatically made inappropriate posts hidden based on this analysis and provided responses for the Albany Medical Center to post on social media to bring this viral event under control  The end result was that Albany Medical Center was able to manage the situation such that it was net positive for Albany Medical Center!

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We hope to see you at the webinar!

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