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Benefits for Franchises and Franchisees

While social media continues to be a crucial component of a successful digital strategy, very few franchises and franchisees are able to implement a consistent social media outreach solution to optimize social channels and effectively engage with customers and prospects at a local level. Building and maintaining local relationships, one of the pillars of success for franchises, makes meaningful social media engagements essential for servicing customers, growing business and staying competitive. A new, innovative social media management platform designed specifically for franshises, Social Smart enables firms to expand their reach and engage in real-time, two-way client interactions at a local level through social media while staying on message and avoiding any compliance or liability issues.  Social Smart helps franshises turn social media into business intelligence. This powerful flexible cloud-based software can be effectively used “out of the box” or easily customized to meet your franchise’s unique corporate needs. Social Smart helps firms to exponentially and locally expand their reach and provides a robust platform for distributing on message social content and thought leadership marketing.


  • Consistent Franchise and Franchisee Messaging
  • Automated Franchisee Posting Saves Time
  •  Local and Global Reach
  • Prevent Compliance and Liability Issues
  • Interact Directly with Customers
  • Generate Leads
  • Scheduling for Timely Franchise and Franchisee Posts
  • Alerts to Quickly Address Issues
  • Highly Customizable Solution with Flexible Deployment Options
  • Includes Robust Feature-rich Platform for Increased Efficiency
  • Encourages Through Leadership Marketing

Consistently Manage all Franchise Social Outreach

Configurable for Personalized Local Outreach

Manual or Automatic Posting for Franchisees

Mobile Client Lets You Post or Approve from Anywhere

Built in Reporting and Archiving

Generates Revenue for Franchises and the Entire Franchise

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