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Social Smart for Engagement allows companies to exponentially market themselves via social media while maintaining full compliance.


Social Smart for Research allows organizations to improve their interactions by helping them to curate excellent content and providing them with the pertinent information and flexible content repositories.


Social Smart for Compliance allows organizations to leverage social media in low risk compliant manner based industry or company-specific compliance policies set up by your organization.

Sentiment Analysis

Social Smart Sentiment Analysis lets you understand and analyze the social media sentiment around any entity on social media including companies, stocks and brands.

For Banking and Financial Services

Social Smart for Banking and Financial Services is a customer acquisition and retention tool that takes the financial industry from old school marketing to new marketing through social media while simultaneously mitigating risk and regulatory compliance issues.

Social Smart for Banking and Financial Services is perfect for advisors that want communicate important information to their customers.  It also simultaneously mitigates compliance risks that are prevalent in the industry.

For Healthcare and Life Sciences

Patients and physicians use social media to find information. Social Smart for Healthcare and Life Sciences is a critical communication tool that allows these industries to participate on social media in a compliant manner.

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