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Compliance Features

Proactive Approval Process

Follow compliance best practices and approve all content before it goes out.

Eliminate the risk of posting either incorrect or proprietary information. Safely leverage your employees as advocates on social media.

Configurable Rules Engine

Set up flexible rules for either manual or automatic approval.

Follow strict compliance standards by enforcing your policies and procedures. Go even further by setting up a blacklist of prohibited words and phrases.

Profile Management and Security

Ensure only approved users have the appropriate authority.

Go beyond simple security profile management. Assign multiple users to specific roles and manage all of their attributes in one place. Our flexible rules engine allows your company to control the complete approval process from start to finish.


Capture, save, and review information in adherence with compliance guidelines.

Going beyond industry standards, this is not just an archiving add-on like in some other products. Our two-step process ensures your information is captured and stored to meet the highest compliance needs.

Social Smart for Compliance

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Reputation Management

Capture and manage negative or positive mentions.

Quickly address issues to protect your company’s reputation. Our inbound resolution functionality allows you to assign posts to relevant users and track them to completion creating satisfied customers and better compliance.

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